Asphalt and Concrete Service Professionals in Wilkes Barre

Concrete and Asphalt Services in Wilkes Barre

Concrete happens to be extremely versatile, resilient, and also simple to maintain stuff. This makes it an automatic choice for the majority of the commercial and residential driveways out there. A concrete driveway is going to indicate a top-quality construction whenever you see it from the outside. We at Wilkes Barre Asphalt Paving, based in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania can boast of providing top quality concrete driveways for commercial as well as residential owners in and around Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

Why concrete?

Individuals usually associate concrete with resilience and versatility. A blend of sand, cement, as well as crushed rocks, helps to make it extremely durable out there. In spite of being a bit costly as compared to gravel or asphalt, concrete is extremely resilient and can last for even 25 years while requiring little maintenance.

In case the surface of your driveway becomes damaged or if it appears to be old, it would be sensible to redo it using concrete. We can take pride in possessing extremely competent and experienced contractors who will evaluate your property and figure out whether a brand-new installation or repair will be necessary. As a matter of fact, damage to concrete might include gaps, cracks, segregation, discoloration, or even uneven slabs. Safety hazards can be caused by subgrade issues as well as sunken areas and our experienced driveway repairing service experts will be able to fix the problem once and for all.

At your service

We are aware of the fact that customer satisfaction should be our prime intention while executing our services. In case you employ our services, you will get the benefits provided by us in terms of the durability of the products as well as the reliability of our dedicated and well-trained workforce. Our rates are also not very high and almost anybody can afford it without much problem at all. Moreover, our flexible schedule will make it very easy for you to work with us without much problem at all.

Services provided by us

Wilkes Barre Asphalt Paving in Pennsylvania is adept at providing various services which include concrete driveways installation, sidewalk installation, concrete curbing services, driveway paving, and so forth. In case you do have any doubt regarding our competence, you are advised to look at the online reviews from our previous users most of which speak highly of us.

Concrete driveway installation

At first, our workforce will get rid of the vegetation and the grass at the construction site so that it is possible to stabilize the foundation of the soil and also adjust the elevations so as to ensure appropriate drainage. We will make use of top-quality materials while implementing our services such as treated redwood or wood so as to match the size requirements and local spacing prior to pouring the concrete.

Concrete driveway repair

Our repair service is available 24 hours a day and we are going to apply polymer-based cement resurfacers or polyurethane sealants where ever possible during the project. We can also take care of any complicated stuff like plumbing, drainage, hand railings, joints, and so on.

Concrete curbing services

Concrete curbing has got the ability to enhance the appearance of your outdoor space thanks to the decorative “borders” that can attract the attention of everybody who happens to pass by. Concrete curbing, which is available in various types of styles at present, will be ideal for walkways and landscaping. Our competent and certified professionals will work along with you so as to figure out custom solutions for your outdoor space. Our quality concrete curbing services will include sidewalks, parking lots, as well as walkways at extremely affordable rates.

Contact us today

So what are you waiting for? In case you are in need of driveway installation or repair get in touch with us and call us over the phone. We will provide you with an estimate that we offer to all our customers for free!

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